How should a wedding invitation be?

The organization of the wedding requires attention to many aspects not only the dress, the clothes, the place of the ceremony or the photographer, you also have to put organization in the decoration, the details and, of course, the invitations to the ceremony since they will be the letter of remembrance of your wedding. If you want your invitations different, unique and untraditional, Gold Leaf Design Studio is what you should visit. we are professionals who you were looking for. In addition, we have been awarded some great compliments from our esteemed clientele regarding their wedding invitation.

We offer decorated invitations with our own designs that are concise. As for the written matter of the invitations, you can put whatever suits you and that go according to your wedding style. All our works are made in Digital prints, texture colored papers, and fine art prints.

What should an Indian wedding invitation include?

For Gold Leaf Design Studio , what should include the wedding invitation depends entirely on the taste of the couple despite of whether they choose to follow the tradition of a very precise text, or, if they opt for a more casual, natural and pleasant style, is an aspect that must go according to the nature and the feelings of the couple as the wedding is theirs.

Wedding invitation trends for 2018.

Currently, in the division of wedding invitations, elegant designs with watercolor drawings are very popular these days. The bride and groom want their designs to be integrated with their style as they are always going to be highly customized, tailored to the client.

Delivery of your invitations? How early should you book?

The delivery time will depend on the wedding season. You must book the work always recommend a period of one to two months at least to ensure that we can meet your request.

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