Thinking of Making your wedding card Special? Here are some unique Ideas

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Once the wedding date is decided, the members of the family gather in arrangements. The wedding invitation cards are printed first after the ceremony date is confirmed so that friends & relatives can be given invitations beforehand. Some people favor the wedding card design after consulting the old samples than some choose the design of their choosing and print the card. Like the rest of the wedding, it is very crucial for the wedding card to be unique and decorative. So today we will give you some unique Ideas, which will make your wedding card special. Instead of losing these invitations after marriage, you can also keep in the house as your memories. So let’s see some several Ideas for making wedding cards special and unique.

Couple Theme Card Ideas
You can additionally make a Couple theme card to make your wedding card special. This kind of card design is absolutely flawless for the love marriage.

Quilled paper envelope
To print a designer card, you can also do quilling on it. The cards of this design are different and unique as well as decorative, which you can decorate in your home after the wedding.

Creative Wedding Card Ideas
If you want to make your wedding invitation card even more imaginative, then a particular theme design can also be selected. Royal Wedding Theme, Flowers & Petals, Glass Box, Carry Bag designer card, metallic finish, Bell Design, Acrylic Box are some of the designs which are popular this season.

Contrasting Invitation design Ideas
If you must make your card even more original, then the unique texture pattern can also be picked. You can also imprint cards of this unique light or dark contrast colors and contrasting design instead of the old red or cream color. Everyone will be impressed by viewing such a wedding invite.

How to surprise with the announcement? The most unique wedding invitations

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Most of the time, the primary thing is not what is told but how it is told. If the correct expressions are not used or if there is no stress and emotion in the process of telling, this type of delivering a message that could have been a big news become empty of its sense. Do you want this to occur when you announce that you’re getting married? Of course not!

Experts in the production and design of wedding invitations, such as Gold Leaf Design Studios, know very well that it is a rare and unrepeatable time in your entire life, that is why they try to design you a unique product.

The wedding invitations not only invite our companions and relatives to attend the event but beyond that they describe us. They are a fraction of us and amidst them, reaching to our people, that the day of our announcement as husband and wife, we do not want them to be missing. This is what experts at Gold Leaf Design Studio offer the possibility of designing a totally personalized branding for your wedding so that all the stationery is exclusive and reflects your own style.

Definitely, you have received more than 1 invitation to a wedding and you have imagined: “I would make it less traditional …” or, “I previously imagine mine with a vintage finish …”. Well, that means that you are conscious of the importance that an invitation can have. As mentioned by our Design team: “your wedding is unique, and your invitation must be too”. Customizing the invitations plus considering about every detail, you will be conveying what you really want others to appreciate about you and not just a date or a place to visit.

In this gallery, you can go through various styles of invitations made by our specialists who know how to perfectly represent your wishes. Expressing feelings through an invitation is what you want. We are here to advise and make your invitation which you had always dreamed.

When your friends and relatives receive the invitation, not only will they be thrilled with the news itself, but they will be able to appreciate and apprehend the invitation in its whole.

There is no shortage of creativity and imagination!

How should a wedding invitation be?

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The organization of the wedding requires attention to many aspects not only the dress, the clothes, the place of the ceremony or the photographer, you also have to put organization in the decoration, the details and, of course, the invitations to the ceremony since they will be the letter of remembrance of your wedding. If you want your invitations different, unique and untraditional, Gold Leaf Design Studio is what you should visit. we are professionals who you were looking for. In addition, we have been awarded some great compliments from our esteemed clientele regarding their wedding invitation.

We offer decorated invitations with our own designs that are concise. As for the written matter of the invitations, you can put whatever suits you and that go according to your wedding style. All our works are made in Digital prints, texture colored papers, and fine art prints.

What should an Indian wedding invitation include?

For Gold Leaf Design Studio , what should include the wedding invitation depends entirely on the taste of the couple despite of whether they choose to follow the tradition of a very precise text, or, if they opt for a more casual, natural and pleasant style, is an aspect that must go according to the nature and the feelings of the couple as the wedding is theirs.

Wedding invitation trends for 2018.

Currently, in the division of wedding invitations, elegant designs with watercolor drawings are very popular these days. The bride and groom want their designs to be integrated with their style as they are always going to be highly customized, tailored to the client.

Delivery of your invitations? How early should you book?

The delivery time will depend on the wedding season. You must book the work always recommend a period of one to two months at least to ensure that we can meet your request.

15 Types of 2018 wedding invitations.

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The invitations are the letter of presentation of any event or important act. And in the case of weddings, it would not be less. When we know that they are going to invite us to a wedding, we are looking forward to seeing what the card will be like and what style the couple will choose. In most of the occasions, seeing the style of it, we can imagine the style of the wedding. There are more and more ways and possibilities to choose original or themed invitations. In this gallery, we will show you 15 types of wedding invitations with which you can invite with a lot of styles.

From simple designs, classic wedding cards with the large envelope lined inside, or with any type of pattern. Watercolor drawings are very fashionable and all those that have to do with creation, where our experts will help you to make your day in a different, special and meaningful way, starting with the Wedding invitations thanks to their beautiful customizable designs.

What is clear is that we love them all. So if you get married in 2018, you can not miss these special wedding invitations. Our Wedding professionals can also create the invitations you want, as well as combining them with the rest of the great day’s stationery. Because not only the 2018 wedding dress or the 2018 wedding hairstyle is important. Inviting with style is essential so you can imagine how everything you have chosen for your big day will be.

Lastly, how to write your invitations in the right way so that everything is clear and to your liking is very important.